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Riedel crystal wineglass and decanter are correctly designed, basis for a fine wine experience above normal! We have selected adequate types of wineglasses from the Riedel Vinum range meeting most needs

RIEDEL Vinum Bordeaux 2-pack

Price  52,4

RIEDEL Vinum Bourgogne 2-pack

Price  52,4

RIEDEL Vinum Chianti Riesling 2-pack

Price  52,4

RIEDEL Vinum Montrachet 2-pack

Price  52,4

RIEDEL Vinum Cognac Hennesy 2-pack

Price  52,4

RIEDEL Vinum Champagne 2-pack

Price  52,4

RIEDEL Vinum Bordeaux Cabernet Merlot 8-pack

Price  168,3

RIEDEL Vinum Chianti Riesling 4-pack

Price  75,5

RIEDEL Decanter Cabernet Magnum

Price  76,4

RIEDEL Decanter Ultra Magnum

Price  182,7

RIEDEL Decanter Amadeo

Price  384,1

RIEDEL Decanter Swan

Price  451,9

RIEDEL Decanter Flamingo

Price  471,2

RIEDEL Vinum Whisky Cognac Tequila

Price  71,6

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